Talking about Apex Security on Spring '19 Release Readiness

The Salesforce Developer evangelism folks finally talked me into doing a live webinar for release readiness. Obviously I forgot to post this until after it happened - so now it’s a recorded webinar for all intents and purposes.

Still, some interesting things in here, not only in my sections about Apex, but the Communities improvements around MDAPI format are massive, and Flow offering system mode is a very interesting new development.

The ongoing improvements about the Invocable Method framework for exposing Apex actions into flow are impressive, and even if you’re traditionally an Apex-centric developer who may have avoided Flow, are something to be aware of since now Invocable actions don’t require many sacrifices, if any, in terms of the Apex API surface to support.

Also, in case you prefer to read instead of watch the Developer Evangelist team did a great writeup on the Apex security features: