Finally, a blog post useful for admins as well as developers! Today we'll learn about how to edit the tooltips that show on the recent items sidebar. If you've ever created a custom object, or even just customized a standard object you may have wanted to do this and never quite figured out how. It's not hard to do, just obscure.

There's actually a solid, albeit hard to find salesforce help topic on this, if you'd like to read more of the details; but in the interest of keeping this short and sweet the "mini layout" used in the recent items section:

  • Is tied to the page layout. This means each page layout has a different mini layout - which lets you specify them based on profile and/or record type, just like page layouts.
  • Is limited to only fields. Any related lists you select don't show here (they will in the console tab though).
  • Does not let you customize what buttons are shown.
With that said, you edit the mini layout by first opening the layout editor from the record view page.

And finally selecting any fields you want shown.

And you're done, your mini layout is now customized! Make sure to do it for any other page layouts you use.